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Release December, 2011

The Moose's Children: A Memoir of Betrayal, Death and Survival
by David M. Mokotoff


All they ever wanted, all they still want, is an apology. Abused as children at the hands of an alcoholic stepfather, the perpetrator escaped justice. If the crimes could just be validated, then perhaps their nightmares might end.

THE MOOSE’S CHILDREN not only describes the horrors of childhood sexual abuse, but offers comfort and affirmation to anyone who has been sexually abused as a child, or is married to one of its victims.


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Successful, driven, and talented, RENEE BARNARD KRAUSE appears to the casual observer to have it all. He is the top heart surgeon in the city, lives in a three story Mediterranean house overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and has a beautiful family. However, on the inside he is a tortured soul, who cannot shake his wife’s obsessive compulsiveness and infidelity.


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