THE MOOSE’S CHILDREN: A Memoir of Betrayal, Death
and Survival
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by David M. Mokotoff




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All they ever wanted, all they still want, is an apology. Abused as children at the hands of an alcoholic stepfather, the perpetrator escaped justice. If the crimes could just be validated, then perhaps their nightmares might end.

Victor Morgan, between 1968 and 1974, sexually abused my ex-wife, Tina Ackerson, along with four sisters, and one brothers. Read more...

Despite his love of medicine, he has always had a passion for writing. From articles in respected peer-reviewed medical journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, (JAMA) and Medical Economics, to his first novel, Fallible, he has also written diverse blogs about travel and the human side of medicine. He is now a regular guest blogger on Physicians’ Practice: ....Read More...
“The Moose’s Children exposes the ripple effects to the husband, and daughter, of an alcoholic sexual abuse survivor. It is a powerful memoir that will keep you reading up until the very last sentence.”

— Erin Merryn, MSW, author of “ Stolen Innocence,” “Living for Today,” and the force behind Erin’s Law. She is also a speaker and sexual abuse advocate.


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